Naiming Yan was born in 1970 in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province. Between 1988 and 1991, he studied at the Art Department of Gong University. Since then he has worked as a freelance artist.

His works are inspired by the scenic views of the local countryside. One of his loves is the technique of en plein air painting, which he enjoys very much and is exemplified in his capturing the natural atmosphere in his landscape paintings. His works have been collected for many years now, both domestically and internationally.

Sunlite Vines
Sunlite Vines, 48" x 36", original oil
Street of Flowers
Street of Flowers, 30" x 40", original oil
Beautiful Brook
Beautiful Brook, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 36, Framed
Street of Steps
Street of Steps, Oil on Canvas, 48' x 36", Framed- SOLD
Village by the Sea
Village by the Sea, Oil on Canvas, 48" X 36, Framed- SOLD