The Artists' Work

Whispers of the Cote d'Azur
Whispers of the Cote d'Azur, Oil on Canvas 30 x 40
Revel in Serenity
Revel in Serenity, Oil on Canvas 30 x 40
Essence of Santa Fe
Essence of Santa Fe, Oil on Canvas 16 x 16
Washed with Sunshine
Washed with Sunshine, Oil on Canvas 19 x 15 with white signature frame 24 x 20
Soft Caribbean Breezes
Soft Caribbean Breezes, Oil on Canvas 15 x 19 with white signature frame 20 x 24
A Touch of Spice
A Touch of Spice- SOLD
Sunlit Cove
Sunlit Cove- SOLD
Hidden Oasis
Hidden Oasis- SOLD
Peaceful Elegance Closeup
Peaceful Elegance Closeup- SOLD
Peaceful Elegance
Peaceful Elegance- SOLD
Dancing Light
Dancing Light- SOLD
Colorful Captivation
Colorful Captivation- SOLD