Sherwood, Jo

Jo Sherwood has spent decades capturing remote and isoloated cultures through her art. Her work holds a harmony and stasis tha lends emotional depth to all of her subjects amd offers a glimpse into their rituals and way of life. Although she was trained in the classical oil techniques of the masters, she prefers to render modern day traditionalism through her documentation of remote cultures.

The Artists' Work

Lady Captain
Lady Captain, Oil on Canvas, 10 X 12,Framed
Holland, Acrylic on Canvas,12 X 9,Framed
Lofty Harvest
Lofty Harvest, Oil on Canvas,16 X 20,Framed
Ruth II
Ruth II, Oil on Linen Panel 10 X 7,Framed
Reminiscence, Acrylic on Canvas,9 X 12,Framed
Vietnamese Merchants
Vietnamese Merchants, Oil on Canvas, 12X16,Framed
Beach Burros
Beach Burros, Oil on Canvas, 10 X 12,Framed
Art Show
Art Show, Oil on Linen 30" x 34"
Engage-Educate-Enrich, Oil on Linen 24" x 30"
Holland: 'The Best of the Burros'
Holland: 'The Best of the Burros', Oil on Linen 12" x 9" Special Pricing
View of the Grand Canal
View of the Grand Canal, Oil on Linen 14" x 11"
Reminisence, Oil on Linen 13" x 19" Special Pricing
Nip in Time, Peru: 'The Best of the Burros'
Nip in Time, Peru: 'The Best of the Burros', Oil on Linen 12" x 15",Framed