Chacon, Eduardo

Eduardo Chacon explores the diversity of colors in still life paintings from his studio in Taos, New Mexico. He focuses on "chiaroscuro", the concept of light and shadow. He was born and raised in Taos surrounded by the art community there. He comments: "To take something two-dimensional and have the viewer percieve the peice as three dimensional is the challenge. The viewer neeeds to travel through the painting, so to speak. Tahtis to say, a feeling is accomplished in making a canvas or panel look as though it is three dimensional. Atmosphere is the key. The painting has to have atmosphere within. It is as if air flows around the objects. I learn with every piece I do. I strive to build on what I've learned and hope to always paint the nexpiece better." He makes his home and paints out of his studio in Taos, New Mexico, where his still life paintings come to life in the Northern New Mexican light.

The Artists' Work

Lantern and Leaves
Lantern and Leaves, Oil on Board 8" x 10"
Violet Hues
Violet Hues, Oil on Canvas 6" x 11"
Poor Man's Rose
Poor Man's Rose, Oil on Board 9" x 12"
Still Life with Apples
Still Life with Apples, Oil on Board 8.5" x 10"
After the Ride
After the Ride, - SOLD
After the Festival
After the Festival, Oil on Board 13.5" x 20"
Manzanitas, Oil on Board 6.5" x 7"
Whisky Blues
Whisky Blues, Oil on Board 24" x 18"