Finkeldei, Don

Don Finkeldei recieved a BS in Physics and minor in Art from Fort Hays Kansas State. He continued his education, studying Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of California, San Jose. After pursuing a successful career in Science and Technology for 15 years, Don moved to Santa Fe where he began painting, sculpting, and developing computer applications full time.

Don grew up on a farm in Kansas and was interested in art from a very early age. As irrigation ditches were filling with water, Don would make watercolor sketches of the surrounding landscape and sculpt animals and people out of the rich Kansas mud.

Don says "I have alway strived to reduce everything I do to its most elegant simplicity whether it be in art or science. Allowing people to experience visually what I feel in my soul gives me great pleasure."

Diablo Canyon III
Diablo Canyon III, Oil on Linen 12" x 16"
Utah Mesa
Utah Mesa, Oil on Board 12" x 16"
Clear Creek Falls
Clear Creek Falls, Acrylic on Board 16" x 12"
Mesa After the Rain
Mesa After the Rain, Acrylic on Board 16" x 20"
Steeple Towers
Steeple Towers, Oil on Linen 11" x 14"
Diablo Canyon
Diablo Canyon, Oil on Linen 12" x 16"
Ghost ranch II
Ghost ranch II, Acrylic on Board 16" x 20"