Bonner, Ken

Ken Bonner was first inspired to paint in England in the 1960s. It is no wonder Ken became an artist because both of his parents had artistic talent. His father was a painter and graphic designer and his mother was a textile artist.

Ken was smitten with photography early in his artistic adventures and spent many years visiting Southern Africa to photograph the beautiful landscapes and wildlife there. This experience has continued to influence his creative works throughout his career.

After living in New Zealand, Mexico, and Australia, Ken and his wife, Patricia, finally settled in Santa Fe in 2013. Ken was taken by the stunning landscape of New Mexico and was determined to capture its unique color and light. Ken paints with an original style which highlights the vibrance and color of his surroundings.

The Artists' Work

Wild and Wonderful
Wild and Wonderful , Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"
Somewhere Somehow
Somewhere Somehow, Oil on Canvas 16" x 40"
Natural Rhythm
Natural Rhythm , Oil on Cavas 30" x 40"
Elemental Meeting
Elemental Meeting, Oil on Canvas 20" x 60"