Kingsley, Judith

Judith Kingsley, recognized for her lyrical and compelling landscape paintings, has been represented in galleries throughout the United States and Europe. Her inventively colored and meditative interpretations of nature have earned her broad praise and high honors.

As a painter, she is both disciplined and prolific. Her large, multi-layered oil paintings are shrouded in mystery and imbued with dream-like auras , accomplished through meticulous layering, scraping, and glazing. Her smaller, intimate water colors reflect her love and study of traditional Japanese technique.

The Artists' Work

The Mist of Avalon
The Mist of Avalon, Oil on Canvas 42 X 48
Majestic, Oil on Canvas 36 X 40
River of Life
River of Life , Oil on Canvas 36 X 44
Rookery Key
Rookery Key, Oil on Canvas 37 X 48
Towards the Mark
Towards the Mark, Oil on Canvas 32" x 48"
Autumn Gorge
Autumn Gorge, Oil on Canvas 20" x 24"
Dawn Sichuan Village
Dawn Sichuan Village, Oil on Canvas 36"x 48"
Blazing Mountain
Blazing Mountain, Oil on Canvas 32" x 46"